8 thoughts on “The toy purge challenge

    1. J
      Jerry Windley-Daoust says:

      The pile of toys was EMBARRASSINGLY impressive. Oh my gosh. Toy hoarders! We have managed to stay much more slimmed down since that time.

  1. R
    Rachael says:

    We’ve​talked about this repeatedly, but in the end I can’t bear getting rid of toys one of my other children “may” use in the future or something that family/friends gave. My husband is much less attached. This is a must in our house! ?

  2. M
    Melissa says:

    Is the book “Simplicity Parenting”? I read it a couple years ago and it has had a profound impact on our family life. At that time we purged toys, gave up numerous extracurricular activities, and simplified our weekly meals. There was an immediate effect of more breathing room, in our home and our day to day lives. That inspired us to continue to simplify, and then to simplify some more! We are still on the journey, but so far the road has led to more time, less stress, more fun and many blessings.

  3. D
    Diana says:

    What do you do with usable toys you don’t want especially stuffed animals and dolls. We have lots that are in excellent shape. I don’t want to throw them away in the garbage.

    1. J
      Jerry Windley-Daoust says:

      Diana, Goodwill and other places like it will accept used but usable toys. You can also list the toys to five away for free or a fire-sale price on Craig’s List or Facebook Marketplace. If you have a lot of toys, box them up and photograph them together — give them away as a package deal.

      Many charities won’t accept stuffed animals because of concerns about germs and bugs, so you may need to give them away to people directly.

    2. J
      Jerry Windley-Daoust says:

      We give toys away to Goodwill or another thrift store; often, they won’t accept stuffed animals, though, because of issues with germs and bugs. However, if you know they are clean, you can often find a relative or neighbor who will take them. But that is the big downside of stuffed animals — they’re difficult to get rid of.

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