7 thoughts on “Saint Frances of Rome • Saint stories

  1. B
    Brittany says:

    I never knew about Saint Frances and it’s such a wonderful story about surrendering to God’s endurance and will. I like the idea of the flower pot for Lent it adds a visual representation of all we are supposed to be doing to further God’s kingdom during the Lenten Season.

  2. Anni H. says:

    Such a great activity – kind of like the crown of thorns out of dough, but for a potted plant at Easter time! I really dig (haha, no pun was intended) that activity…

    Also, it was nice to “meet” St. Frances, and I was tickled to see after everything was said and done, she was allowed by God to spend time in the vocation she truly desired – as a bride of Christ. What a wonderful ending to a very fruitful life!

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