November Gospels: Questions to ask your kids


Use the following summaries and questions to help explain this month’s Gospels to your kids.

Nov. 3 – Thirty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

Luke 19:1-10: Today’s Gospel is found only in Luke. During Jesus’ time, tax collectors were disliked. Zacchaeus, a tax collector, climbed a tree in order to see what was happening better since he was so short. Jesus called him down, telling him he will have dinner with him in his house that night.

  • Why do you think Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus?
  • How do you think he felt when he couldn’t see?
  • How do you think Zacchaeus felt when Jesus stopped and spoke to him?
  • Why do you think Jesus choose Zacchaeus to talk to?
  • What did Zacchaeus say to Jesus?
  • How did Zacchaeus change? Why did he change?
  • As a family, write an invitation for Jesus to come to your home. Why would you want him to come? (In reality, is he already there?)
  • Can you be like Zacchaeus ¾ giving away something? What could you give away?


Nov. 10 – Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Luke 20:27-38 or 20:27,34-38: The Sadducees try to trick Jesus in today’s Gospel. Because they didn’t believe in the Resurrection, it was difficult for them to hear what Jesus was saying. To encourage them to think beyond their concerns about this life, Jesus told them that in the life in the world to come there would be no marriages; all relationships will be centered in God.

  • Jesus says those who are resurrected will be “children of God.” What do you think that means? How are you a child of God now?
  • The people who tried to trick Jesus didn’t really understand God. How do you keep on learning more about God (not that we’ll ever totally understand, for God is a mystery)?
  • Jesus says, at the end of this passage, that, to God, all people are alive. What do you think that means?
  • Imagine the best place you can think of. What would it be like? What would you be doing? Heaven will be even better than that. Can you imagine that? What do you think it will be like?
  • Think of all the people in this world you love, and all the people you don’t know yet, but who are part of God’s family. In heaven we’ll all be together. What do you think that will be like?


Nov. 17 – Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Luke 21:5-19: In today’s Gospel Jesus talks about what the future will be like; he also talks of earthquakes and great signs. As a teacher, Jesus spoke like this to help his followers be strong. He didn’t want them (or us) to be afraid, because God will always be taking care of us.

  • Jesus asks us to be witnesses for him. How can you do that ¾  at home, when you don’t get your way, when someone is in trouble, when someone is making fun of another?
  • When something difficult happens, what do you do? If Jesus had been there, what might he have said to you? If it had happened to Jesus, what do you think he would have done?
  • Pray with your family the prayer we have about the coming of the Kingdom: the Our Father.


Nov. 24 – Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Luke 23:35-43: As we celebrate the last Sunday of the Church year, we hear a story about Jesus’ great love. When he was suffering and dying, he reached out in love to the man we now call “the good thief.” Jesus promised him eternal life in heaven.

  • How were the two criminals different?
  • Why do you think “the good thief” asked Jesus to remember him as he entered his kingdom?
  • What does this Gospel say about Jesus and forgiveness?
  • Is there a way you can be like Christ, the forgiving and loving King?
  • The kingdom of God begins in your home. How can you show your family that you love them?
  • With your family, pray the Sign of the Cross very slowly and carefully each day this week.

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