5 thoughts on “Fasting, giving, praying: 25+ ideas for what kids & teens can do for Lent

  1. Flávia Ghelardi says:

    Do you mind if I translate this into Portuguese and share it at my blog? (I´m from Brazil). About the tip number 8 for Lent, here in Brazil there is a NGO that collects hair to make wigs for kids with cancer. Maybe there is something similar there, so teens can give up their hair to a higher cause.

    1. Jerry Windley-Daoust says:

      Absolutely, Flavia. If you send us the link to the translated page, we will link to it from this page as an additional resource. Also, as you know, the norms for fasting and abstinence may be different in Brazil than in the U.S. Pax!

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