June Gospels: Questions to ask your kids


Use the following summaries and questions to help explain this month’s Gospels to your kids.


June 7 | The Most Holy Trinity

John 3:16-18: In today’s Gospel, Jesus explains to Nicodemus why God’s Son came into the world: to give us eternal life.

  • God’s love leaves no one out. How can we be like that?
  • How do people know that our family is one and always united in love (as the Trinity is one, as the Trinity is a community of love)?
  • How do we show hospitality to others so that they feel welcome and at home — at one — with us (in our home and our parish)?
  • Pray with the Sign of Cross this week.


June 15 | The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

John 6:51-58: Today’s Gospel passage recounts the feeding of the 5,000 people with five loaves and two fish. Jesus wants the crowds to understand that he has come to give them “living bread.”

  • What are your family meals like? Is there something you could do to make them less rushed, more of a family time, more nourishing for your spirits?
  • Eucharist means thanksgiving. How do you give thanks in your daily life?
  • Eucharist is about unity. Is there anything that divides you or keeps you separated from others?  
  • Eucharist is about being the Body of Christ for others. How can you be Jesus for others this week?


June 21 | Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Matthew 10:26-33: Today’s Gospel is part of the instructions Jesus gives to his disciples after he has commissioned them to preach about the kingdom of God. Today we hear Jesus say three times, “Do not fear.” Jesus encouraged the disciples not to be afraid, not to give up on their mission of sharing God’s Good News with others. And he promises that we will never be alone in our efforts to do what is right.

  • Have you ever felt afraid? Who protects you at those times?
  • Describe a time that you felt cared for and protected by God.
  • Have you ever been so afraid it has stopped you from being a follower of Jesus or of helping others?
  • Write a blessing prayer of protection for your family.


June 28 | Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Matthew 10:37-42: In today’s Gospel Jesus reminds his apostles that they are sent to others. He encourages them — and us — to recognize and welcome him in each other. The early Christian community took these words of Jesus to heart, becoming known for their many small kindnesses toward one another and to the larger world.

  • How are you sent by God to others, to show them Jesus, to be Christ for them? Why do you think God is sending you?
  • Jesus was telling his apostles to give to others what they need, to be hospitable. How is your parish hospitable? How are you hospitable to other people?
  • Does it seem silly to talk about giving a cup of cold water? In Jesus’ time there was no refrigeration nor any way to make ice. The only way to get cold water was to make a special trip to a well, where the water would be chilled from being deep in the ground. It was a gift that took time and generosity. When are there instances when you take time and give generously to others?
  • Many people go through hard times because of their belief in God. This might be a day to remember all those Christians who suffer(ed) for what they believe in, and to give thanks for the examples they set for us.


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