7 thoughts on “How to have a “couch Catechism” family devotion time

  1. E
    Erin Mckain says:

    Catholic company has a morning devotional via email with bible verse, quote ,saint,v section from a catholic book and morning offering with what the pope wants us to pray for that month. I also try to read from a kids catechism.

  2. R
    Robbie at Use Resources Wisely says:

    Hi Tracy, I just discovered you through the Catholic bloggers group. I love this idea!
    My favorite way to start the day is prayer time on our drive to school. Honestly I will miss that special time when my daughter moves to high school and rides the bus!

  3. D
    Drea says:

    I ran into this post through Catholic Garage on FB. I love this idea! I begin homeschooling this year, and I’ll be integrating some of your ideas. Thanks again!

  4. M
    Marie says:

    Such good ideas! Could I ask how you would recommend condensing it for a nearly 4yo and 2yo? Also, what does your morning routine look like? My daughter wants to play the second her eyes are open and I don’t usually know what I’m making for breakfast on any given morning! Eep! Thank you for these wonderful ideas. May God bless all you do!

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