3 thoughts on “10 simple ways to celebrate the feast day of Saints Joachim and Anne

  1. M
    Michelle says:

    Tracy, this is a very thoughtful post. Your ideas are the perfect reminder to celebrate these saints and remember our earthly grandparents. With the craziness of life we don’t send enough time focused on the elderly or value them enough in our lives. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. Tracy Bua Smith says:

    Thank you Michelle for reading and for your comment! I agree that our elderly friends and family are devalued and I constantly have to remind myself to make more of an effort to be intentional about appreciating their love and gifts that they offer our families and the world!

  3. P
    Paula says:

    Thank you for including these important saints and the prayer to both of them in your message. As a child my grandparents took me and my siblings on pilgrimage to the shrine to Sainte Anne in Quebec and my grandfather never let us forget about Saint Joachim as we attended Mass and the processions at the shrine. May all grandparents be blessed this week.

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